Lioba Brückner is an internationally exhibiting artist from Germany. She paints surreal portraits of young women superimposed by flowers and insects in a strong recognizable color palette.

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Lioba Brückner is an internationally exhibiting artist from Germany. She paints surreal portraits of young women superimposed by flowers and insects in a strong recognizable color palette.


Interview with Surprisingly soft and romantic paintings by German artist Lioba Brückner

Lioba Brückner


Interview with the Russian Website Livemaster by Kamilla Hudaikulova:

English Translation:

Surprisingly soft and romantic paintings by German artist Lioba Brückner

One day I discovered Lioba's paintings on Pinterest and I was impressed by the color choices and compositions, under the pinned post I found her name and a link to her website which lead me to her other works and videos about her drawing technique. Her work is like a snapshot of the perfect moment in a bubbling fairy life, I imagine that somewhere behind the picture is a "play" button andif I press it, I hear the singing of a bird, the butterfly continue its flight, the flowers and ribbons in the girl's hair will move in the wind and the girl from the portrait will notice me - the viewer from another reality.

Lioba's works produced such a strong and inspiring impression on me and I decided to introduce her and her talent to Livemaster's readers.

- Why did you decide to become an artist?
At first, I didn't want to become an artist or identify as one! I simply just wanted to be able to create artworks like the art I knew like Disney's Lion King, the Jungle Book, Dragonball, Digimon, the art of Lois Royo and illustrations of the Spectrum art books. Drawing came always natural to me and I wanted to learn it properly. Only when I met my partner who is an artist, too, I discovered that it's possible to make a living as an artist!

Were there artists or masters of other arts before you in your family?
- My father was artistically talented, he told us bedtime stories he invented himself and drew these charters for me and my sister. We were always fascinated by drawing animals and fantasy creatures.

How did you discover your own art style?
- My painting and drawing style is the result of the various techniques that I learned over the years and my own tastes and preferences! It always evolves though and personally, I think my style is more fluent and not as consistent compared to other artists.

- Please tell about your workplace - where, how and when you create oil paintings and watercolor illustrations, how many hours a day do you work?
- Well,  I share a rather small atelier with my partner so I'm constantly moving stuff around depending on what I'm working on at the moment. For my watercolor paintings, I just work on a table and my pencils and paints are lying around me whereas when I create oil paintings I stand in front of the easel and have a cart with my palette on it next to me. If I could, I would work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, because I enjoy it so much!

How did you come to use watercolors with pencils?
- It evolved naturally. I always loved painting with watercolors. I love how easily you can just open your watercolor box and start painting right away. But watercolor has its limitations, so I needed to find a solution for problems that oil colors don't have, like smooth gradients and opaque layers. In addition, a pencil gives you more control with details so it was the perfect fit for my technique.

What do you like more: watercolor or oil?
- I love both very much. When I paint in oils for a while I want to make a watercolor painting, and when I paint with watercolors for a couple of days I want to paint in oils again!

How long does it take to create a painting with oil and watercolor?
- Oil paintings take so much longer than my watercolor and colored pencils work! This is why I only paint one or two oil paintings a month but can do 5 or even more watercolor pieces!
It also depends on what I want to depict in a painting. When I only paint a portrait, I can finish an oil painting in 4 or 5 painting sessions, but the more details I want to add, the longer it takes.
For a watercolor painting, I only need a couple of days.

- What inspires you - what kind of people, objects, spaces, books, films, colors of the palette - what is the basis of your paintings?
- Just everything! I just have to go outside, shopping or watching people or Pinterest! I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, save hundreds of photos and then scroll through all of them again and feel so excited to have found all these treasures that I can turn into new pieces of art!

- Do you draw men? Do you have orders for male portraits?
- Almost never! If someone would commission a male portrait I would certainly paint it. But currently, I don't have the desire to paint men as a subject. I don't have orders for male portraits due to the same reason. I noticed that I receive commissions from people that like my subjects and style and they wish something similar.

- You share your drawing techniques on your YouTube channel and on your Patreon page, do you like to teach?
- I never thought that I would teach because I actually never wanted to become a teacher! But I noticed that I enjoy it so much when I see that my tutorials encourage aspiring artists to pursue their career and help them solve problems that they couldn't solve before. I don't identify particularly as an art teacher rather someone who helps understand painting in a practical way and to share my methods while encouraging artists in pursuing their creative endeavors.
Why did you decide to do this?
- I decided to create tutorials because I wanted to have a steady income besides of selling my original artworks.  Besides of that, I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I gathered through all the years of practice with my patrons. I believe that being part of an art community which shares their knowledge enriches the art world and makes it to a friendly and welcoming place for every new artist to come.
Did you get inspired from communicating with a large audience?
- Absolutely! I love social media and the way it connects artists everywhere in the world. Artists are often isolated in their ateliers but in our days we can connect and help each other, share our experience, our knowledge about business, techniques, our struggles, and successes. Being an artist today is the best thing that happened to me!

- What are your future plans in your art career?
- Having a bigger studio, an own pond with sea lilies, exhibiting in more well-known galleries, and making better art!